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Portugal, by Pravda

Absolutamente brutal a análise feita neste artigo sobre os políticos portugueses (e os parvos que os elegem...). Foi publicado no jornal russo Pravda. Para nossa reflexão...


If it isn't Portugal, then it must be the European Union
Draconian measures were taken this week in Portugal by the "Socialist" (only in name) Government of José Sócrates, yet another right/centre right Government asking the Portuguese people to make sacrifices, a plea repeated time and again as this long-suffering, hard-working nation slips a few cogs further back into the quagmire of misery.

And it is not because they are Portuguese. Go to Luxembourg, which tops all the socio-economic indicators, and you will find that twelve per cent of the population is Portuguese, the people who built an Empire stretching across four Continents and who controlled the coastline from Ceuta on the Atlantic coast, round to the Cape of Good Hope, the Eastern coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Persia, the Western coast of India and Sri Lanka.

This week, Prime Minister Socrates launched another wave of his austerity packages, cutting salaries and increasing VAT, more cosmetic measures taken in a climate of laboratory politics by haughty academics devoid of any contact with the real world, a mainstay in the Portuguese elitist political class in the PSD/PS see-saw of political mismanagement which has plagued the country since its Revolution in April 1974.

The aim? To reduce the deficit. Why? Because the EU says so. But is it just the EU?
No, it is not. The wonderful system that the European Union has allowed itself to get sucked into is one in which the Rating Agencies Fitch, Moody's and Standard and Poor's, based in the USA (where else?) virtually and physically control the fiscal, economic and social policies of EU member states through the attribution of credit ratings.
With friends like these agencies and Brussels, who needs enemies?

Let us be honest. The European Union is the result of a Pact forged by a frightened and trembling France, terrified of Germany after its troops marched into its territory three times in seventy years, taking Paris with ease not once, but twice and by a crafty Germany eager to reinvent itself after the nightmare years of Hitler. France got the agriculture, Germany got the markets for its industry.

And Portugal? Look at the brands of new cars (these seem to be immune to spending cuts) driven by private motorists to ferry around armies of "advisors" and guess which country they come from? No, they are not Peugeot or Citroen or Renault. They are Mercedes and BMWs. Top-of-the-range, of course.

Successive Governments formed by the main two parties, PSD (Social Democrats, right) and PS (Socialist, centre-right), have systematically sold Portugal's interests down the sewer, destroying its agriculture (Portuguese farmers are paid not to produce) and its industry (gone) and its fisheries (Spanish trawlers fish Portuguese waters), in return for what? What have the trade-offs they negotiated brought, except for the total annihilation of any possibility to create jobs and wealth on a sustainable basis?

Anibal Silva, now President but formerly Prime Minister for a decade between 1985 and 1995, the years when billions were pouring through his hands from the EU structural and development funds, is an excellent example of one of Portugal's better politicians. Elected fundamentally because he is held to be "serious" and "honest" (in the land of the blind, he who sees is King), as if that was a reason to elect a leader (which only in Portugal it is) and as if most of the rest were/are a bunch of useless leeches and parasites (which they are) he is the Father of the Public Deficit in Portugal and the champion of public spending.

His "concrete policy" was well conceived but as usual badly planned, the result of an inept, uncoordinated and at times non-existent Spatial Planning department, second, as usual, to vested interests which suck the country and its people dry. A huge part of the EU funds were channelled into building bridges and motorways to open up the country, facilitating internal transportation and constructing industrial parks in the interior cities to attract the population back from the coastline, where the vast majority resides.
The result was that the people now had the means to flee from the hinterland and reach the coastline even faster. The industrial parks were never filled and those industries which were set up have in many cases closed.

A large percentage of the EU taxpayers' money vaporised into phantom companies and schemes. Ferraris were bought. Hunting trips for wild boar were organized in Spain. Private homes were developed. And Anibal Silva's Government sat back and watched, in his first term, as the money was squandered. In his second term, Anibal Silva himself stood back and watched as his Government lost control. Then he tried desperately to distance himself from his own party.

And he is one of the better ones. After Anibal Silva came the well-meaning, well-intentioned and humanitarian António Guterres (PS), an excellent High Commissioner for Refugees and a perfect candidate for UN Secretary-General but a black hole in terms of financial mis-management. He was followed by the excellent diplomat but abominable Prime Minister José Barroso (PSD) (now President of the EU Commission) who created more problems with his discourse than he solved, passed the hot potato to Pedro Lopes (PSD), who basically never had a chance to govern, resulting in the two-term sinister horror or horrors, José Sócrates, a competent Minister of the Environment, but...
The austerity measures presented by this...gentleman... are the result of his own ineptitude as Prime Minister in the run-up to the world's latest crisis of capitalism (the one in which the world's leaders came up with three trillion dollars from one day to the next to bail out irresponsible bankers, while nothing was ever produced to pay decent pensions, healthcare programs or education projects).

And just like his predecessors, José Sócrates demonstrates an absence of emotional intelligence, allowing his ministers to practise laboratory politics and implement laboratory policies which are bound to be counter-productive.

Pravda.Ru interviewed 100 civil servants whose salaries are going to be reduced. Here are the results:

They are going to cut my salary by 5%, so I will work less (94%)
They are going to cut my salary by 5%, so I will do my best to retire early, change jobs or leave the country (5%)
I agree with the sacrifice (1%)

One per cent. As for increasing taxation, the knee-jerk reaction will be for the economy to shrink even more as people start to make symbolic reductions, which multiplied by Portugal's 10 million population, will affect jobs and send the economy further back into recession. The mentally advanced idiot who dreamed up these schemes has results on a piece of paper, where they will stay. True, the measures are a clear sign to the ratings agencies that the Portuguese Government is willing to take strong measures, but at the expense, as usual, of the Portuguese people.

As for the future, the Portuguese opinion polls forecast a return to the PSD, while the parties on the Left (Left Block and Portuguese Communist Party) fail to convince the electorate to vote for excellent ideas and concrete proposals. In the case of the PCP, it is higher salaries, greater production, the diversification of the economy and basically, respect for the people who have supported this nonsense for decades. An excellent product devoid of a successful sales department.
Only Portugal's elitist political class (PSD/PS) could be capable of punishing a people for daring to be independent. They have sold Portugal's interests down the drain, they have asked for sacrifices for decades, have produced nothing and continue to massacre their people with further punishments.

These traitors are leading more and more Portuguese to question whether they should have been assimilated by Spain centuries ago.

How sickening and how inviting that Portuguese saying "Those who do not feel well should move". Right, the hell away from Portugal, as everyone who can, is doing. What a pitiful comment on a wonderful country, a fantastic people, and a telling statement on an abominable political class from the centre, rightwards.
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Tramagalense disse...

Tudo o que aqui é dito é verdade. O país que, é o nosso, está virado do avesso. Os cargos públicos acumulam-se entre a elite devoradora dos recursos de um país pobre e os seus ordenados saem do suor dos pobres trabalhadores que pagam os seus impostos e ainda por cima vêm os seus míseros ordenados cortados. Ao mesmo tempo vemos farsantes como Manuel Alegre receberem chorudas pensões, imagine-se, por uns patéticos meses de trabalho na RDP. No fim este frasante, ainda tem o descaramento de vir dizer que não se lembrava de ter auferir tal pensão.
Temos também a RTP, que ao contrário dos seus mais directos competidores recebe milhões dos contribuites portugueses, mais as receitas da publicidade, mais as taxas deduzidas na conta da electricidade. Para quê?
Podes não gostar do que vou dizer a seguir, mas... para pagar ordenados principescos a jornalistas irritantes como José Rodrigues dos Santos, que tem o descaramento de fazer reportagens patéticas em DIRECTO do Haiti, dando conta da miséria dos miseráveis, ou para pagar as ajudas de custo das reportagens que Judite de Sousa fez no meio do lamaçal e dos escombros da tragédia da Madeira, com as roupas da Ana Salazar e botas de salto alto da Prada. Por favor não leves a mal.

Podia estar aqui toda a noite a falar de casos semelhantes, mas agora falo da Russia, onde a maioria do povo vive na miséria, se arrasta nas ruas de Moscovo sem casa e sem futuro. Numa Rússia onde a democracia não existe, onde os jornalistas e quem falar demais simplesmente aparecem mortos, onde o racismo contra os povos do Caúcaso é preocupante, onde os tchechenos e daguetaneses são vistos como terroristas e são simplesmente oprimidos e massacrados num lento mas efectivo genócidio, para o qual não existe voz denunciante no ocidente.
Mais uma vez podia aqui estar a falar destes assuntos uma noite inteira, mas o espaço é pouco e o tempo também por isso fico-me por aqui, deixando apenas a recomendação ao Pravda para que olhe para os problemas que tem no seu próprio país de forma livre e independente das directivas de Putin.

saudações cordiais

Anónimo disse...

Falta dizer que o Pravda Online foi criado por antigos jornalistas do Pravda soviético e que o que escrevem sobre Portugal é-lhes directamente fornecido pelo PCP com quem têm excelentes relações. Basta aliás ler o artigo para perceber que estamos diante da vulgata do PCP. É preciso precisar que este Pravda já não tem nada a ver com o Estado Russo e que é apenas a expressão de um punhado de saudosistas russos dos tempos da URSS. Se não fosse a Internet made in USA, ninguém ouvia falar deste "Pravda."