quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

A «menina do papá»

Aí está o texto da polémica, publicado na Forbes: Daddy's Girl: How An African 'Princess' Banked $3 Billion In A Country Living On $2 A Day. 
É assinado por Kerry Dogan e... Rafael Marques. Devem haver poucos jornalistas com tanta coragem como ele, nos dias que correm. 
Nesta edição explica-se como Isabel dos Santos, que é já a mulher mais rica de África, construiu a sua fortuna, à sombra do poder do pai. Esta é uma história que também interessa (e muito!) a Portugal. Basta ler excertos como este:
«(...) As Isabel dos Santos diversified her Angolan business interests, in 2005 she diversified her network of powerful patrons. Enter Americo Amorim, a Portuguese billionaire worth $4.3 billion who has spent his life expanding his family’s business empire from cork to real estate, tourism and, especially, oil. The billionaire, who did not comment for this story, was early to seek deals in Angola after hostilities ended. When the Dos Santos clan made a move into banking in 2005, they did so in partnership with Amorim and Fernando Teles, a Portuguese national who had been CEO of another Angolan bank. They formally opened Banco Internacional de Credito, known as BIC, according to the company’s annual reports.
The hand of Isabel’s father again played a role: President Dos Santos, as head of the Council of Ministers, formally authorized the foreign investment in the capital of the bank. Specifically how it was financed is murky, as there is no public record showing who put money into the bank. BIC’s latest annual report shows that Amorim owns 25% of the bank. Various documents reveal that another 25% is held through an investment vehicle controlled by Isabel dos Santos. Her spokesman says she was a founding member of the bank and had independent means to pay her share from her early business ventures.
Regardless, BIC was a hit, in large part because of a deal to lend money to … the Angolan government.»
Pode ler-se o texto completo aqui.

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