sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Leitura da semana

Ora aí está um tema que me parece cada vez mais urgente discutir na nossa sociedade: a importância de saber desligar e de aprender a dizer não.

Este é o assunto da mais recente edição da Build (USA):

“Creators do not ask how much time something takes but how much creation it costs. This interview, this letter, this trip to the movies, this dinner with friends, this party, this last day of summer. How much less will I create unless I say ‘no’? A sketch? A stanza? A paragraph? An experiment? Twenty lines of code? The answer is always the same: ‘Yes’ makes less… “People who create know this. They know the world is all strangers with candy. They know how to say ‘no,’ and they know how to suffer the consequences... ‘No’ makes us aloof, boring, impolite, unfriendly, selfish, anti-social, uncaring, lonely, and an arsenal of other insults. But ‘no’ is the button that keeps us on.”

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