terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011

Negócios da China... em Angola

Na Economist desta semana, um artigo muito esclarecedor sobre verdadeiros 'negócios da China' em África. Em particular, sobre os milhões (e milhões e milhões...) que se negoceiam entre essa entidade obscura que é a China International Fund e Angola, país onde, como bem lembra o jornalista da revista britânica, 90% da população de Luanda continua a viver sem água canalizada.

"WHEN the man likely to become China’s next president meets an African oil executive, you would expect the dauphin to dominate the dealmaker. Not, though, with Manuel Vicente. On April 15th this year the chairman and chief executive of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil firm, strode into a room decorated with extravagant flowers in central Beijing and shook hands with Xi Jinping, the Chinese vice-president and probable next general secretary of the Communist Party. Mr Vicente holds no official rank in the Angolan government and yet, as if he were conferring with a head of state, Mr Xi reassured his guest that China wants to “strengthen mutual political trust”.
Angola—along with Saudi Arabia—is China’s largest oil supplier and that alone makes Mr Vicente an important man in Beijing. But he is also a partner in a syndicate founded by well-connected Cantonese entrepreneurs who, with their African partners, have taken control of one of China’s most important trade channels. Operating out of offices in Hong Kong’s Queensway, the syndicate calls itself China International Fund or China Sonangol. Over the past seven years it has signed contracts worth billions of dollars for oil, minerals and diamonds from Africa."

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Astor disse...

É a corrida ao que resta do petróleo. 90%? Impressionante.